White December in Jerusalem

Snow, snowflakes, white carpet… Magical, wintery, lovely… But…
When the electricity goes down, the real fun begins.
Israel is not used and not suited for snow. When there is 10cm on the ground and it starts to stick, everything stops: the public transportation, schools, work.
And usually it’s takes just a day, may be two to melt. But not this time.
Thursday was stormy and windy, and cold. Some of the trees fell down. Not a night you let your dog stay outside, they say. Friday we woke up to bright, quiet and white morning.Beautiful.
photo 5
Holiday, everyone was happy, my dog the most.
Saturday, I woke up at 5 or 6am, cause I was cold. The electricity went down.

When I tried to walk my dog… Well, the snow was almost a meter high now, since it was snowing all night long. It took a while to dig our way out and to uncover the gate. The dog wasn’t so happy any more, he was going down to belly level into the snow with every step.


The electricity went back on at the evening in 2/3 of the house. That means no hot water, and no fridge. But still good.
Sunday, it stopped snowing, bright and sunny. No electricity, no transportation, no school. At the evening we had light on only at the kitchen, so we sat all family and played cards and drank vodka (we are Russians after all).

IMG_2334IMG_2295IMG_2353 IMG_2381 IMG_2389
By Monday the buses started running in and out of Jerusalem. I packed my things and left for two days to sunny and warm Tel Aviv.
When I came back on Wednesday – Groundhog Day effect – still the electricity is down and snow everywhere, melting though.
Well by now, I am not so sure I like it anymore. It’s like with the fireworks on Chinese New year. First, let’s say, 4 days are OK, then can somebody please turn that off.
It took the electricity company 10 days to fix the electricity, so it won’t go down every evening. And yesterday, 2 weeks after, they made a final push and left us for a whole day without it to fix some fundamental stuff probably (well I wasn’t here, I ran away). Hopefully now we are done.
Last time there was a snow storm like this in Jerusalem area was 1920, almost 100 years ago. And as it seems, not much have changed.


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