Tai Ji Quan (太极拳)and me

When I first discovered Tai Ji, I wasn’t particularly a happy person. I struggled with my balance a lot.
It was love at first sight, I tried doing just simple warm up movements, and felt better, not only physically, but mentally. I had more energy and my mood became evenly optimistic.
At the beginning the mood lift would go away few hours after practice. But it’s general demeanor was changing with time passing.
Now, 8 years after, I am a happy person most of the time. So I practice Tai Ji because I simply can’t not to.
I don’t do it for competitions or to look cool, I don’t care if I look or feel stupid most of the time, while practicing, I just keep going. Because I don’t feel myself if I don’t.
When I first arrived to the big gathering of my Israeli Tai Ji school, I was thinking a lot about growing old at that period of time, I met a lot of people, whose age was 50-60-70, and the way they moved fluently and smiled youngly made me realize – growing old this way is not scary.
cheng ming israel
My own teacher was 60 and used her free time to climb mountains in Georgia.
But it’s not only necessity that drives me towards martial arts, it’s also very much fun and it’s magical, and yeah! I do think it’s cool!
Recently I discovered an ultimate toy – the big sword. It brings a childish grin to my face and makes me feel part of the magic.
And it so doesn’t matter that right now I can’t even hold the thing right most of the times.
big-swordAnd I am enormously grateful to James, who patiently survives my “teach me! teach me! please one more time!” endless pleas.

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