Tai Chi Way

I think I finally got a glimpse of understanding what “Tai Chi Way” might be meaning in everyday life.

I met my first Tai Chi teacher the other day, after not being in touch with her for 4-5 years.

In a short two-minute conversation she got all the news she needed, what I’ve been doing, what my future plans are, gave me an assignment and made me commit to it. And all this without revealing anything about herself.

I felt like this petite elderly woman just pushed me flying across the room, like she had often done, not physically, but mentally this time.

It certainly have not been her first time, but mine to recognize.

Apparently it is an entirely new way of thinking to me. Which reminds of this incredible short animation film. It illustrates just this: martial art fight as a visualization of a regular dialog.

My Happy Chinese Corner

I don’t know much about a lot of things. But I pretty sure about this: if something makes me happily smile from ear to ear, it is probably the right place to be…

I am so grateful to find such a place in Tel Aviv. Going back to my old/new Tai Chi school was a kind of decision, that after you make, it seems so natural, so right, that it’s unclear, why didn’t I do it earlier.
I come here three times a week, but if I could, I would probably just live there.

I can be in whatever mood on the way, but as soon as I walk up the stairs to the second floor, smell the sweat, I start smiling. It feels alright, feels home.

Relearning the basics, discovering new stuff, meeting new people… People, who actually get this lately becoming more and more significant aspect of my existence, people who speak tai chi.

I think, that the biggest change of post China period, is that I know, what I want to do, when I grow up. Instead of trying many different things briefly, as I did for years, I am turning to deeper discovering one direction.


Definitely, maybe

Definitely--Maybe-It seems, it’s not a chick flick week, it’s more of a period.
Definitely, maybe…
I am sure haven’t listened to “Come as you are” for a while and it’s kinda on repeat now.
Love the idea of talking to kids honestly. Actually honesty overall is better, more simple. I think lying is hiding, that doesn’t lead you forward, but keeps you stuck.
I am not a pro at making the best decisions. I can ingeniously take a simple task and make it super complicated.
Eventually, when the simple solution is revealed to me, I am stunned: ” What??? that simple! How come I didn’t think of that on the first place?!”
What this has to do with honesty though? Well, honesty often is this simple answer. Instead of going in circles, you just say it as it is, up front.

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Chick Flick Week – Forget me not

Forget-Me-Not-007It has been a chick flick week. Found myself in a mood for some easy stuff.

Well watched few well known romantic comedies. Worth mentioning is “Forget me not”.

It’s not cheezy , first of all. The soundtrack is great, especially the first and the last songs.
The thing that really bought me, was when Eve, 30 smth bartender suddenly announced “I finally know what i want to do with my life”.

I don’t like happy endings. You end a movie with happily ever after, I forget about it by next day.
But the one that ends with sweet bitterness, like this one, I’ll probably write about.

White December in Jerusalem

Snow, snowflakes, white carpet… Magical, wintery, lovely… But…
When the electricity goes down, the real fun begins.
Israel is not used and not suited for snow. When there is 10cm on the ground and it starts to stick, everything stops: the public transportation, schools, work.
And usually it’s takes just a day, may be two to melt. But not this time.
Thursday was stormy and windy, and cold. Some of the trees fell down. Not a night you let your dog stay outside, they say. Friday we woke up to bright, quiet and white morning.Beautiful.
photo 5
Holiday, everyone was happy, my dog the most.
Saturday, I woke up at 5 or 6am, cause I was cold. The electricity went down.

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Amsterdam – Karlsson city

I know it really isn’t. But I’ve never been to Stockholm (yet), and Amsterdam houses really reminded me of one of my favorite kid stories. Especially when I had this view from my window, while there:


Did I like Amsterdam? Well, I had my worries, cause people visit Amsterdam for the first time,  when they are 18 or in early 20s. And I had my share of time to imagine what it will be like, when there. And sum point: I loved it.

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Spirit Film Festival Tel Aviv : Samsara, Koan of Spring

This week was a 7th  Spirit Film Festival in Tel Aviv and a second year I went there.

Last year I watched only one movie The Highest Pass – beautiful motorcycle journey in Himalayas.

This year’s Festival was opened with Samsara. It’s an art of filming. When I saw Baraka few years ago, I was in a shock. Firstly cause it’s really amazingly shot and edited. Secondly, cause of the meaning. Fricke shows not just a selected part of life on a planet, but he aims to cover every aspect of it. The beauty, the ugliness, the meaning and the meaningless. And he succeeds in doing so.

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I miss them both

Today she was a girl on a mission, she had to talk to him. To them actually.

She could barely keep it together until the lunch time.

What is Home? Nelly asked interrupting whatever conversation they had before.

Ah? Katy looked at her stunned.

Do you mean home the place, or home the feeling? Max asked very seriously, looking directly at her.

I mean what is it to you? Nelly answered, careful not to brake the stare this time.

For me it’s a feeling, that everything is alright, as it suppose to be. He said.

Katy was still having trouble closing her mouth, when Nelly turned to her. And for you Kat?

You know where I live. She finally said.

I see. Nelly took her tray and stood up.

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Dali, Kunming, Shangrila

So it’s autumn in Israel. Took out my coat for the first time today, put my hand in a pocket, and here it was. A train ticket. Funny how it feels like ages ago. Only this July.

Dali, Kunming, Shangrila.

Mountains, almost constant rain, cute couple of Kunming students, that I made friends with at Shangrila.

My huge and annoying suitcase, full of wet and therefore useless clothes. Long train hours.

American girls, whose backpack was stolen, cute dancer girl on a train.

Nice Kunming hairstylist, who helped my find my bus from Kunming to Shangrila.

Humming of monks prayer at Shangrila monastery.

Flood welcome to Kunming.

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